My name is Pawel Piotrowski

I'm a freelance Senior Web Engineer

I live in London (UK) and this is yet another portfolio on the web showcasing my skills. To create it I used React, Next.js and Vercel for easy deployment.

Four years ago this is how it looked like built with Angular.js...

...and 10 years ago websites were built with jQuery and IE6 hacks 😂.
Space invaders 👾 were a must-have for every dev portfolio.

Nowadays my favourite stack is Typescript, React, Redux Toolkit, RxJs and Jest 🚀.

Here is my take on meme generator and a little collection of javascript fractals.

When pandemic has started I created my covid-19 stats application with Angular, web workers and Highcharts.

My interest goes beyond front end development - you can check my West Side project story on Github.

During my professional career I created and helped to create many Single Page Applications in majority using Angular.js/Angular as well as back end applications based on Node.js with Express.js, Hapi.js and Nest.js.
For more details you can check my resume.

Thank you 👋